DC Academy Registration Terms & Conditions

  1. Candidates eligible to apply should be above 6 years of age
  2. At the time of admission, and thereafter annually, the trainee shall be required to provide a medical certificate from a doctor (atleast with an MBBS qualification ), certifying that the trainee is fit to undergo the cricket coaching/training at the academy
  3. In case of any accident/incident during the course of coaching/ training which may lead to the trainee getting injured, (including grave and fatal injuries) neither the academy nor any of its staff shall be held responsible or liable. It shall be the endeavor of the academy to provide immediate medical aid in case of any such eventuality
  4. However, non-compliance thereof for reasons beyond the control of the academy/ staff shall not be regarded as negligence and consequently the academy and its staff shall not be liable or responsible
  5. The trainees are required to bring their own personal complete cricket kit (viz; bat, pads, thigh pad, guards, gloves and helmet etc). The academy shall provide only the cricket nets & its associated paraphernalia (viz. matting, wickets and balls etc)
  6. The trainees will be required to be in their proper cricketing attire (whites) for the training session
  7. The academy reserves its rights to modify coaching/training session(s) due to adverse weather conditions, or other circumstances
  8. The academy does not ensure selection of the trainee in any tournament, the trainee is permitted to play matches for any team after giving prior written information to the academy
  9. A trainee may be asked to leave the academy for any misbehavior or other reasons including his lack of commitment, any indiscipline or breach of the norms of the academy. In such circumstances, the amount of fees paid will be forfeited
  10. Student to follow academy guidelines and adhere to timelines
  11. The days, timing and fee structure for the academy will be communicated while registering for the particular academy
  12. If the academy participates in any tournament, match expenses will be charged extra from the trainee, if selected
  13. Fees shall be paid within 10 days of beginning of every month/ quarter. Payments after 10th day each month/ quarter shall be accepted with Rs. 50/- per day extra being charged as late fees
  14. Refund of fees will be taken into consideration on case to case basis
  15. In case of any complaints, the parents or guardians of the trainees, may address the written complaint at the office of the academy
  16. The academy or its staff will not responsible for the trainee before or after the academy coaching time
  17. If the trainee remains absent  for more than a month without prior written permission, he will be liable to be suspended from the academy. Also if the trainee is absent for two months, the admission would get cancelled. In case one wants to re-join, he/she either has to pay for the period of absence or take new admission with prior permission  to the satisfaction  of the academy, and subject  to any vacancy
  18. if the operation of the academy is suspended, or closed for any reason, the unutilized amount of fees will be refunded, with no further liability on the academy.
  19. Any valuables including but not limited to mobile phones, wrist watches, goggles etc. shall be the sole responsibility of the trainee. In no circumstances, the academy or its staff shall be responsible for any loss of valuables or cricket gear of the trainee
  20. By making payment and/or singing the application form, you confirm  that you are the parent or guardian of the trainee listed within the form and have custody and control over him/her and you confirm that :
    1. you accept that there is an inherent risk of injury in the cricket program and coaching
    2. you accept that you must inform the academy by including in the application form if your child suffers from any ailments/allergies which the academy should have knowledge of
    3. you consent that the academy may call upon emergency medical advice for your child if an incident requires it
    4. you give your free consent to the trained first aid personnel caring for your child in the event of an accident
  21. The parent/ guardian acknowledges by singing on the admission form that he/she has read and understood the above terms and conditions or any amendments thereto, and grants his/her unconditional consent there to without any reservations